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  • White Label Astrology Reports -Astrology report sales with birth chart interpretations direct from your web site. Opportunity to aquire an advanced horoscope content system, available to web masters, charities, web portals, entrepreneurs and publishers.

  • Horoscope Content - Daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes on your web site, offer horoscopes as well as astrology reports along side your regular products and services - is a great way to promote your internet business and build visitor loyalty.

  • Astrology report sales - When you sign up for our web service your visitors can purchase astrology reports about Personal Understanding, Forecasts, Love and Relationship.increased traffic and revenue to existing sites without additional hosting or service fees. See Example Shop

  • Easy Set-up - once setup you can select the horoscope content to profit from this amazing marketing tool.
  • Profit Share with every astrology report sale you make. As a report seller you recieve agenerous revenue share.
  • Pricing - set your own price point.

  • Google Analytics incorporate your own tracking system.

  • Promoting Your Online Sales - we take care of the online delivery of your astrology reports so you can devote all your resources to making your web site a success.
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  • Our Unique Collection of astrology interpretations have been developed in association with Horoscope Services and My Star World and MSP Solutions who have been distributing astrology software since 1986.

  • is a division of Stardm Ltd.

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